Toyon’s Aerospace Systems Group provides research, development, test and engineering solutions for hypersonic strategic weapon systems for Department of Defense customers and their agencies.

As an industry leader in the areas of complex space and missile systems, aerothermodynamics, and ground and flight testing, the Toyon Aerospace Systems Group (ASG) provides innovative technical solutions to support aerospace programs for the Department of Defense (DoD) and their agencies.

With more than 40 years of aerospace industry experience, Toyon has become a notable name in a variety of research and development areas such as hypersonic aerodynamics, reentry physics of ballistic and maneuvering vehicles, and end-to-end offensive and countermeasure technologies.

In addition to robust team structure, the Aerospace System Group also works closely with Toyon’s 5 other business areas to provide DoD program support in the areas of antenna and radio frequency systems, RF products, homeland security, ISR algorithms and autonomous systems.


Toyon’s Aerospace Systems Group is comprised of three teams that work synergistically to provide technical solutions for Department of Defense interests quickly and efficiently. The ASG’s nimble, team-based approach fosters industry innovation and has a proven track record of tackling complex programs in a timely manner.


The Systems Analysis (SA) Team is a nationally known leader in the modeling and simulation of complex space and missile systems. Using an entity-based modeling approach allows Toyon to rapidly evaluate the complex interactions between competing forces in order to ascertain overall system effectiveness and performance.


The Advanced Systems (AS) Team is an expert in the development of innovative analysis methods, experiments, and tests to further understanding of strategic countermeasures’ performance and hypervelocity aerothermodynamics as they apply to systems of interest to the Department of Defense.


The Strategic Systems (SS) Team applies the analyses and results from our SA and AS Teams to the ground and flight testing of full-scale systems to meet the performance goals and effectiveness needs of our Department of Defense customers.


Toyon, acting as prime mission contractor for a DoD customer, recently planned and executed a Sounding Rocket Test (SRT) launch from NASA’s WFF Center.

The objective of the test was to obtain measurements on multiple test objects of interest. Toyon employed redundant, onboard encrypted video streams plus additional ground and airborne collection assets to achieve a 100% successful mission.