Toyon is performing research to address the challenging problems associated with mission planning for unmanned systems.

Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), and unmanned ground sensors (UGS) provide ISR commanders with tremendous new sensing capabilities, but introduce new mission planning challenges. Toyon’s algorithms and software empower ISR commanders with semi-automated decision support for the allocation of unmanned systems.

Mission-level factors such as scenario intelligence and platform capabilities are accounted for in our algorithms’ decision making logic. Moreover, these algorithms provide UAVs and UGVs with the ability to develop, modify, and execute plans as necessary without human intervention.

Toyon’s research in Unmanned Systems Mission Planning is part of a wider area of Asset Control research including Cooperative Control of Unmanned Systems and Sensor Resource Management.

For more information regarding Toyon’s Unmanned Systems Mission Planning capabilities, please contact us.


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