Toyon’s Homeland Security Software Team develops software specifically designed for incident responders and emergency operations center personnel. The team is comprised of a unique combination of software designers and emergency response experts. Our capabilities include:

  • Software requirements development and architecture design
  • Software development, testing and verification
  • On-site training, hardware, and logistics support

Notable recent work includes:

Systems integration for situational awareness and decision making software, an integrated application suite designed to monitor facility status, log incidents, track assets of interest, and control sensor networks. Primary features of this software include:

  • Situational awareness provided through the use of geographic information systems. Includes display of incident management activities and potential responses
  • Interactive building map displays, including HVAC zone status monitoring
  • Secure intranet log entry, enabling wide-spread user access with Oracle 9i spatial database support
  • Interior and exterior custom map icon drag and drop with automatic logging of location, time, and event
  • Display of sensor network status via time/status-dependent icons
  • Ability to plan incident response activities

Contaminant transport visualization software. Tools for visualizing contaminant transport within facilities, with features including:

  • AVI and QuickTime movies for presentations
  • Multiple views of threat scenarios including planar floor plans and 3-D facility views
  • Multi-zone model predictions or experimental data collected from site characterization studies


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