Toyon performs extensive research in the area of cooperative control for unmanned systems (UMS). Our approach leverages coordinated action of UMS teams to maximize information collection while minimizing the cost and complexity of individual sensors.

Several Toyon publications related to cooperative control are available here.

Some of our recent research efforts include:

  • A hierarchical approach to cooperative control to allow a collection of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) to exhibit swarming emergent behavior to respond to threats in a dynamic, noisy environment.
  • Cooperative control logic for UAVs that operate under an intermittent, asynchronous communication network to search, acquire, and track ground targets.
  • Algorithms that perform route and mission planning for groups of UAVs based on the capabilities and limitations of onboard sensors.

In several of our efforts, Toyon has teamed with leading academic researchers in the area of cooperative control.

Toyon has tested and demonstrated many of its cooperative control algorithms in hardware-in-the-loop exercises with our own small UAV platforms.

Toyon’s research in Cooperative Control of Unmanned Systems is part of a wider area of Decision and Control research including Unmanned Systems Mission Planning and Sensor Resource Management.

For more information regarding Toyon’s Cooperative Control capabilities, please request more information using the button below.


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