Toyon’s Torqily is a game-changing electric motor technology pushing the boundary of achievable torque density. This lightweight, high-torque electric motor is enabling backdriveable actuators and direct drive applications, simplifying systems and expanding capabilities.

WHAT SETS TORQILY APART? Unparalleled torque density in a lightweight and small package. Torqily direct drive motors are twice as power dense as the leading competitors, with more torque in a small size and with less mass.

Torqily is efficient. Highly efficient motors, reducing heat and extending range. 

Torqily is lightweight. Gobs of torque in a tiny size and light weight. 

Torqily is backdriveable. Opening up new applications in robotics and automation. 

Torqily is direct drive. Torque at the speed the load needs, can eliminate gearbox. 


 Torqily unique torque-dense motor works with a range of applications and industries including: 
  • Electric aircraft
  • Mobile generators
  • Industrial robotics
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Machine tools
  • HVAC

Key Specifications:

Property Value[SI] Value [Imperial]
Continuous Power 15 kW G20 hp
Continuous Torque 45 Nm 33 ft-lbs
Speed Range 0-3,500 RPM 0-3,500 RPM
Motor Efficiency 95% 95%
DC Bus Voltage 300 V 300 V
Mass 3.6 kg 8lbs
Volume 2.4 L 146 c in
OD 225 mm 8.9 in
Length 61 mm 2.4 in

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