Toyon is a leader in designing optimized and/or adaptive antennas to improve operation of communications and GPS systems.

Examples include:

Compact Geodetic GPS Antenna

Handheld Anti-jam GPS Antenna

A compact, lightweight, and geodetic-quality GPS antenna ideal for man-portable applications where geodetic quality measurements are necessary (more)

A fully adaptive anti-jam GPS antenna to retrofit the Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR).

Switched-Beam UHF SATCOM Antenna

Conformal Ground-Nulling GPS Antenna

A stacked helical antenna array to increase gain within the existing volume of an OE-538 submarine mast.

A compact, ground-nulling, anti-jam GPS antenna to retrofit the AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW).

Direction-Finding, Anti-jam GPS Antenna

Mission Planning Tools for GPS-Denied Areas

A compact anti-jam GPS antenna that also provides monopulse direction finding of hostile emitters.

The GPS Intelligent Jammer Evaluation Tool (GIJET) uses digital maps, terrain propagation models, and intelligent decision tools for route planning through GPS-denied areas. It can also be used as a jammer placement tool.

Guidance Integrated Fuze (GIF)

A compact, two-element anti-jam GPS antenna system for the Guidance Integrated Fuze (GIF). Including the null-forming electronics, the system occupies less than 6.3 cubic centimeters of volume.