LSC Telemetery Antenna
Toyon’s flush-mount, tri-band LSC telemetry antenna covers the L, S, and C telemetry bands.
Low Elevation Nulling Antenna (LENA)
Toyon’s Low Elevation Nulling Antenna (LENA) is an environmentally qualified, low power L1-L2 anti-jam GPS antenna.
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Antennas
Toyon’s family of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antennas and arrays feature recessed, cavity-backed elements that cover the entire GNSS spectrum.
VideoPlus® is an advanced image processing system that performs real-time video enhancement and video analytics for integrated command and control (C2) and video management systems.
Mackinaw Video Tracking
Toyon’s Mackinaw micro embedded video tracking solution provides complete, industry-leading tracking performance in a compact size.
3D Reconstruction Software
Toyon has developed software that performs automated 3D model reconstruction using multiple overhead images, e.g., from satellites or aircraft.
ListenUp is a low power acoustic processing system housed in a rugged case ideal for concealment.
Marine Observer – Maritime Infrared Camera System with AI
Toyon’s state-of-the-art Maine Observer is a maritime infrared camera and proprietary detection software system developed to support whale conservation efforts and oil and gas operations.
SLAMEM® (Simulation of the Locations and Attack of Mobile Enemy Missiles) is a simulation of weapon and sensor systems operating in a battlefield environment.
Toyon’s Ground Vehicle Simulator (GVS™) models the position and movement of ground-based objects, providing input to Toyon’s main simulation code, SLAMEM™.
Geospatial Analysis and Planning Support (GAPS™) Toolbox is a software application that supports rapid prototyping and development of custom analytical tools to support contemporary military operations.

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