Improvements in the flexibility and performance of many types of sensors have led to increased interest in automated techniques for Sensor Resource Management (SRM). Toyon has developed algorithms to suit this purpose.

Unmanned Systems Mission

Our approach to SRM is to tightly couple the sensor tasking module with a fusion and tracking system so that future sensor tasks are selected which will allow the fusion system to operate more effectively.

Toyon has developed several custom SRM algorithm designs to address the specific operational requirements of our customers including the Air Force (AFRL), the Army (ASGE), MDA, DHS, and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program. Some of our recent SRM research efforts include:

  • Algorithms for managing electronically-scanned (ESA) radars onboard fighters that balance the need for targeting and situational awareness necessary for self-protection.
  • An algorithm for managing a heterogeneous mix of sensors (e.g., radar, electro-optical, and electronic warfare) and assets (manned and unmanned) for improved intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) of ground targets.
  • VideoPlus – a system for processing EO/IR sensor data to perform intelligent imagery stabilization, heat scintillation removal, automated moving target detection, and automated track pan-follow for the DHS Mobile Surveillance System (MSS).

Toyon’s research in Sensor Resource Management is part of a wider area of Decision and Control research including Unmanned Systems Mission Planning and Cooperative Control of Unmanned Systems.

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