Toyon’s flush-mount, tri-band LSC telemetry antenna covers the L, S, and C telemetry bands. The telemetry antenna covers 1435-1525 MHz, 2200-2400 MHz, 4400-4900 MHz and 5100-5150 MHz.

The LSC telemetry antenna can be co-located with Toyon’s flush-mount GNSS antenna, which covers 1164-1300 MHz and 1559-1611 MHz. To prevent self-jamming of the GNSS antenna, a sharp notch filter is used at the input of the telemetry antenna. The LSC and GNSS antenna combo is ruggedized for flight applications and survives the vibration, shock, and thermal profiles of an F/A-18 aircraft.

The LSC telemetry antenna and GNSS antenna are available as a combo and are also available separately.

Key Specifications

Antenna Elements Wideband, flush-mount, omni-directional telemetry antenna covering L, S, and C bands
Environmental Tested against thermal, shock, and vibration profiles of the F/A-18
Dimensions Flush-mount telemetry antenna alone is 5.1” diameter x 3.2” depth; telemetry and GNSS antennas together fit within 5.1” x 7.6” x 3.2” (length x width x depth)


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