Toyon’s ability to combine antenna design with system-level understanding of space-based radar puts us at the forefront of this exciting field.

Toyon spaced-based antennas and reflector technologies include:

Active Lens for Space-Based Radar

Inflatable Photonically-Linked Array

An “active lens” antenna for space-based radar that provides better aperture efficiency and side lobe performance than a conventional array, and wider field of regard than a reflector antenna. The active lens also features extremely low power, single-chip indium phosphide transmit/receive modules provided by teammate Rockwell Scientific Company.

*Active Lens* Antenna

Toyon, along with partners L’Garde, Inc. and ILC Dover, Inc., built and deployed a long inflatable boom containing several working photonic links connected to an array of wide band antenna elements.

Dual Polarized feed for 60 foot reflector


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