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The Systems Analysis (SA) Team, using rigorous processes, works with our Government customers to translate broad system objectives into a list of technical requirements and a succinct technical description of the system, including anticipated system goals, performance, and effectiveness.

The SA Team understands that good requirements definitions are core to good weapon system engineering. When necessary, our SA Team will conduct exploratory and basic research experiments to assess the validity of a requirement and/or need, and then make sound value judgements regarding its overall utility.


Toyon is an industry leader in the reentry physics of ballistic and maneuvering vehicles; this is built upon over 40+ years of experience in missile defense modeling and analysis. Toyon possesses expertise and proprietary software models across the entire launch-to-impact mission domain for ballistic, maneuvering, and hypersonic cruise vehicles. Through these models, Toyon has provided insight and requirements for mission success across a broad range of adversarial defensive capabilities.

Gridding is critical to obtaining accurate results.

Pressure distribution in a Scramjet (no combustion).


Computational physics is the cornerstone of our analysis approach. Understanding the exo-atmospheric kinematics and atmospheric aerodynamic performance in the transitional and continuum regimes, in the free-molecular and rarefied regimes, and then into the endo-atmospherical continuum regime is crucial to ascertaining overall system performance.


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