TECA – Tactical Edge Computing for AI
The TECA edge processing device uses emerging artificial intelligence techniques to provide an aided target recognition (AiTR) solution. Designed for the Army’s Nett Warrior (NW) system Input is a Motion Industry Standards Board (MISB) video stream, such as the FLIR Black Hornet (BH) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Output is a MISB video stream with Key Length Value (KLV) encoded target information as well as associated cursor-on-target (CoT) messages  TECA is a small, lightweight, passively cooled …
VideoPlus® is an advanced image processing system that performs real-time video enhancement and video analytics for integrated command and control (C2) and video management systems.
Mackinaw Video Tracking
Toyon’s Mackinaw micro embedded video tracking solution provides complete, industry-leading tracking performance in a compact size.
3D Reconstruction Software
Toyon has developed software that performs automated 3D model reconstruction using multiple overhead images, e.g., from satellites or aircraft.

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