Toyon has developed a unique multifunctional antenna for airborne telemetry transmitters. For example, Toyon’s tri-band, GPS interference-reducing telemetry antenna (image right) provides transmit capability at lower L-band, upper L-band, and S-band telemetry frequencies simultaneously. The transmit pattern at lower L-band also features a pattern null that can be pointed in the direction of vulnerable GPS receivers to reduce interference caused by telemetry signals. The antenna is flight-ready, and has been certified by an independent testing lab for operation at airspeeds up to Mach 2.0, at an altitude of 5000 feet. This flight-ready, tri-band aircraft telemetry antenna features a transmit pattern with a null to reduce interference to nearby GPS receivers.

Additional specifications:

Frequencies:1.435 – 1.535 GHz
1.755 – 1.850 GHz
2.200 – 2.400 GHz
Return Loss:< -10 dB at all of the above frequencies
Gain:See patterns
Power Handling:20 Watts continuous
Diameter:4.9 inches
Height:0.91 inches as installed
Weight:1.25 lb
RF Connector:TNC female
Other:Flight certified per DO-160D and MIL-STD-810F to Mach 2.0, @ altitude 5000 feet
"GPS-Friendly" Tri-band Telemetry Antenna
Toyon’s multifunctional telemetry antenna include the “GPS-Friendly” tri-band telemetry antenna.

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