Toyon’s Algorithm and AI Solutions Team provides research and development of AI models and other algorithms and associated hardware used to generate actionable information from sensor data and automate processes using deep learning techniques.

We develop software applications that process sensor data to find, geo-locate, and identify salient objects. Many of our applications have supported satellite-based, airborne, tower-mounted, and maritime sensors. We also enhance sensor data, e.g., by reconstructing 3D models of targets and scenes or stabilizing and super-resolving video.

Our AI models trained using reinforcement learning are capable of controlling aircraft and space vehicles to perform actions at faster-than-human paces and/or in unmanned systems that keep humans out of harm’s way. Our research in adversarial learning and runtime assurance contribute to development of trustworthy AI systems.

Toyon’s custom hardware supports many of our algorithms with embedded solutions for fast, efficient, and compact operation in standalone systems or as integrated elements in larger systems. Toyon embedded systems engineers have extensive experience in infrared camera development. One of our current wide-angle infrared camera products is Marine Observer.

Our research and development efforts have led to a growing collection of emerging products, and numerous publications contributing broadly to the computer vision and reinforcement learning research communities.

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