Toyon’s family of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antennas and arrays feature recessed, cavity-backed elements that cover the entire GNSS spectrum. The seven element 9-inch CRPA features six tilted outer elements for enhanced coverage at low elevation angles. The seven element 14-inch CRPA is flush mount and bolts up to the GAS-1 footprint. The individual elements of each array are available as standalone products.

Key Specifications:

Antenna Elements: Dual-band passive L1/L2 GNSS (1164-1300 & 1559-1611 MHz); RHCP
Environmental: Limited vibration, shock, and thermal data available upon request
Dimensions: 14.13″ outer diameter (GAS-1 compatible)
9 inch CRPA – 9.185″ outer diameter
Measurements: All measurements made on 3-foot circular groundplane; full manifold including V&H polarizations available on request, evaluation hardware available for loan

14 inch CRPA

9 inch CRPA


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