Toyon Research Corporation’s Marine Observer system was recently featured in ECO (Environmental, Coastal and Offshore) Magazine’s Winter 2023 issue. The magazine is “an international trade publication reporting on applied marine science solutions, innovations, and current events”.

The article, titled “AI-Paired Infrared Cameras Contribute to Marine Mammal Conservation”, was co-written by Kevin Sullivan and Christina Wright, lead scientists on the program.

Initially developed in partnership with NOAA to automatically detect and track whales, Marine Observer is being used to prevent vessels strikes and other harmful effects on marine mammals by oil and gas and energy companies. “Marine mammals can be difficult for vessel operators to see, especially during the or when glare is present”, the article states. Marine Observer uses a combination of infrared camera technology and supporting software with AI to detect whales day and night.

Read the entire article “AI-Paired Infrared Cameras Contribute to Marine Mammal Conservation” in ECO Magazine’s Winter 2024 issue.


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