Toyon's video tracking software provides robust, real-time target detection, identification, and tracking for a wide range of military and commercial applications. Toyon's algorithms have been demonstrated across a wide range of sensor types -- including visible, infrared, and image intensified (I2) night vision. The algorithms are implemented in a mature software framework that is the cornerstone of multiple existing and emerging commercial products including VideoPlus®.

Additional features include:

  • Fully automated robust detection of vehicles and humans despite technically challenging conditions, including:
    • Small numbers of pixels on target
    • Unstable imagery collected on moving platforms
    • High-clutter scenes including water motion and blowing foliage
  • Very low false alarm rates
  • Multiple target tracking
  • Feature-aided tracking and fingerprinting
  • Real-time multiple target tracking and target recognition algorithms
  • Automated target classification and classification-based filtering

Video Tracking Examples

Automated detection and multi-target tracking with EO-IR multi-sensor fusion: target of interest label (white crosshair) is selectable by an operator (Data obtained from the DARPA VIVID public release dataset)

Automated detection and multi-target tracking: EO-IR multi-sensor feature-aided tracking; operator selection of stationary target (Data obtained from the DARPA VIVID public release dataset)