The Advanced Systems (AS) Team works with weapon system descriptions defined by our SA Team or from a customer’s defined system to assess quantitative system performance and effectiveness metrics. Models and algorithms are developed to ascertain system response over a large operational space using proven, basic computational physics tools augmented with sound engineering experience. Often times, ground and flight tests are conducted to verify the systems’ response, thereby giving confidence in our quantitative assessment of system performance over the operational space.

Nosetip recession on a typical reentry ballistic trajectory.


Utilizing lessons learned from decades of experience, Toyon is able to quantify the performance of reentry flight vehicles in both clear air and natural hazard environments. Survival is key, and quantifying the performance limitations of a structure’s design defines its utility and its function in the overall Concept of Operations (ConOps.)


Quantifying the aerothermodynamic response of ballistic and maneuvering vehicles in both exo- and endo-environments is crucial to quantifying overall system performance. Toyon personnel are experts in utilizing state-of-the-art computational techniques to quantitatively predict overall system performance. We conduct internal “peer” reviews to ascertain the limits of a solution and understand how best to utilize a design, as well as when and how to improve it.