The Strategic Systems (SS) Team conducts reviews and analyses of current, enhanced, and next-generation weapon systems to assess performance in both the sweet spot of the operational map and the outer boundary regions of the operational space. New requirements lead to advancements in technology which lead to increased weapon systems capability. Often, system and subsystem ground and/or flight tests will be conducted to validate a key design parameter and certify a system’s performance and capability.


Toyon personnel have extensive experience in ground testing at all major DoD test sites. Critical to conducting a successful campaign/entry is a rigorous understanding of the objectives of the test program, identifying the most appropriate test facility, pre-test planning, and matching the capabilities of the test facility with the objectives in order to maximize the success of the program within schedule, cost and risk constraints. A properly designed test campaign is critical to obtaining a flight-qualified design.

Hypersonic wake studies in the Ballistic Range at AEDC.
Magnitude of the electric field of a circularly polarized patch antenna.


In addition to designing, building, and evaluating aerospace structures, Toyon develops, fabricates, and integrates state-of-the-art antennas and RF solutions into these structures to meet specific signature requirements. From developing forward-looking passive and active antennas designed to meet specific mission objectives to GPS antennas for UAVs, smart projectiles and hypersonic, ballistic and maneuvering structures, our personnel have consistently produced novel solutions to the most challenging antenna and RF design problems.