SLAMEM® (Simulation of the Locations and Attack of Mobile Enemy Missiles) is a simulation of weapon and sensor systems operating in a battlefield environment.

SLAMEM® models:

  • Ground vehicles and targets
  • Surveillance platforms
  • Sensor payloads
  • Attack aircraft
  • Surface-to-surface missiles
  • Road networks
  • Terrain features and foliage cover

Crucially, SLAMEM® also models the communication links used to transfer data between sensors and command and control platforms. This enables realistic simulation of multi-source data fusion, sensor tasking, attack nomination, exploitation, and prosecution.

SLAMEM® was developed to analyze the performance of coordinated C4ISR and targeting systems against time-critical mobile targets. Today, SLAMEM® is used both for stand-alone analysis and as a federate in several distributed simulation exercises.
Constructive Analysis

SLAMEM® is used extensively to analyze advanced C4ISR architectures. Analysis objectives may include:

  • Comparing the effectiveness of candidate C4ISR architectures
  • Deriving performance requirements for prospective sensor technologies
  • Developing operational concepts to exploit emerging technologies

Interactive Simulation

SLAMEM® is HLA-compliant and supports interactive real-time simulation for constructive and human-in-the-loop experimentation.

For interactive uses, SLAMEM® can be partitioned into independent federates, including:

  • C4ISR Architecture Federate
  • Ground Vehicle Simulation (GVS) Federate
  • Attack Federate


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