Toyon maintains a fleet of small UAV platforms and a mobile UAV testing laboratory. As a service we provide comprehensive system integration and testing support for clients looking to flight test their algorithms with a real UAV system. Toyon’s engineers will assist in system integration, test planning and preparation, and test execution to ensure a high-quality live exercise.

The UAV testing laboratory is an ideal facility for industry and academic researchers to use in testing image processing, target tracking, and/or control algorithms. The UAV platforms are rugged, easy to use, and provide a level of realism that cannot be attained from simulation. Moreover, Toyon provides a set of APIs to facilitate integration and testing of third-party algorithms with the UAV testbed.

Our customers can plug in their systems to test an end-to-end image processing and control capability, or integrate with any of Toyon’s existing algorithms to isolate and test particular components of the UAV control problem.