Toyon’s Low Elevation Nulling Antenna (LENA) is an environmentally qualified, low power L1-L2 anti-jam GPS antenna. LENA consists of a stacked pair of quadrifilar helical antennas that are summed to form a 360° null at the horizon. If no jammer power is detected by LENA, only the top helical antenna is used for navigation. LENA automatically switches into a null state when jammer power is detected. Alternatively, the user can manually toggle a switch to fix LENA in the null state regardless of the detected jammer level. LENA is an excellent choice for scenarios with flat terrain and multiple ground based jammers. Since LENA’s null spans the entire horizon, there is no limit to the number of jammers it can null as long as they are all on the horizon.

Key Specifications

Antenna ElementsDual-band L1/L2 operation; L1 gain of +5.0 dBic at zenith, -12 dBic at horizon in nominal state Electronics:3 dB noise figure; 30 dB electronic gain
SwitchingSet the NULL switch to “AUTO” and jammer power is monitored. If a threshold is reached, the LENA automatically sets itself into its null state. Set the NULL switch to .ON. and the LENA is always set in its null state regardless of the detected jammer power.
DC BiasLinearly regulated, 3.3 – 15V input through the TNC connector
EnvironmentalMIL-STD-160G qualification for vibration, temperature, altitude, water immersion, shock, and transit drop
DimensionsHeight = 6.8″; Base diameter = 3.13″ MeasurementsElevation and azimuth patterns (Θ=90°) at 1.575 GHz on 4-foot ground plane