Toyon is a leader in designing optimized and/or adaptive antennas to improve operation of communications and GPS systems.

Examples include:

Compact Geodetic GPS Antenna

A compact, lightweight, and geodetic-quality GPS antenna ideal for man-portable applications where geodetic quality measurements are necessary (more)

Handheld Anti-jam GPS Antenna

A fully adaptive anti-jam GPS antenna to retrofit the Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR).

Switched-Beam UHF SATCOM Antenna

A stacked helical antenna array to increase gain within the existing volume of an OE-538 submarine mast.

Conformal Ground-Nulling GPS Antenna

A compact, ground-nulling, anti-jam GPS antenna to retrofit the AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW).

Direction-Finding, Anti-jam GPS Antenna

A compact anti-jam GPS antenna that also provides monopulse direction finding of hostile emitters.

Mission Planning Tool for GPS-Denied Areas

The GPS Intelligent Jammer Evaluation Tool (GIJET) uses digital maps, terrain propagation models, and intelligent decision tools for route planning through GPS-denied areas. It can also be used as a jammer placement tool.

Guidance Integrated Fuze (GIF)

A compact, two-element anti-jam GPS antenna system for the Guidance Integrated Fuze (GIF). Including the null-forming electronics, the system occupies less than 6.3 cubic centimeters of volume.