Geospatial Analysis and Planning Support (GAPS™ Toolbox is a software application that supports rapid prototyping and development of custom analytical tools to support contemporary military operations.

Tool sets currently available in GAPS™include:

Pathfinder: A route-planning tool for navigation through rugged terrain. This code can be used to provide quick insight into likely movement routes.

Visibility Analysis: A placement tool for optical and radar-based ISR sensors. The tool illustrates graphically a sensor’s field of view based on line of sight and sensor quality considerations.

Visibility Optimization Analysis: Optimizes the location of assets to provide the best possible coverage of an area. This tool uses numerical optimization routines to maximize sensor coverage of a selected region.

Firefinder: Placement analysis for rocket/mortar detection radars. The tool gives the analyst the ability to predict blind spots in radar coverage and to place radars for optimal field of view.