Toyon’s ISR Algorithms (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Team provides research and development of advanced algorithms and associated hardware used to search, locate and identify objects in the battlespace. Our approach is to develop these algorithms within a networked force structure that includes manned and unmanned sensor platforms and heterogeneous sensor systems operating in a variety of ISR mission scenarios.

Toyon’s algorithms support exploitation and automatic target recognition processes, automated tracking and data association, fusion of identification information, track and feature database management, dynamic asset and sensor control, and efficient wireless communication of sensor and control data within this architecture.

Toyon’s custom hardware supports many of our algorithms with embedded solutions for fast, efficient and compact operation in standalone systems or as integrated elements in larger systems.

Our research and development efforts have led to a growing collection of emerging products for cutting-edge ISR mission support, and numerous publications contributing broadly to the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance research community.

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