ATTENTION: Chilipepper is discontinued and is no longer supported.

Chilipepper1,2 is an FMC wireless transceiver module for use in development and rapid prototyping of software defined radios.

Chilipepper is supported by numerous examples and user designs to bootstrap the development process and includes software support through MathWorks tools.

Chilipepper Features

  • Onboard microcontroller can be pre-configured into one of three operating modes (radio registers can optionally be manually programmed)
  • Allows experimentation with wideband receiving, TDD, and FDD waveform design
  • Single antenna connector with all duplexing and Tx/Rx switching handled onboard with configuration via the FPGA interface
  • Integrated ADCs/DACs with simple parallel interface to the FPGA
  • PDFs of schematics provided allowing users to easily transition from prototype to a custom production design
  • Mathworks HDL Coder MATLAB laboratory tutorials and a packet-based QPSK design with Xilinx EDK integration provided

1 Export Information: ECCN 5A991 b

2 Note this product is end-of-life and will no longer be actively supported.